Key Facts:

  • 168 hours accredited content across
    11 countries in our Academy

  • 676 CPD presentations to an aggregate total
    of 18,680 attendees in North America and


Customers and Suppliers provided with ABC course


Increase in Academy courses completed

Improve the Knowledge and Skills of Veterinarians

Our relationship with veterinarians is key to our business and therefore, we provide added value services in the form of educational programmes focused on our key therapeutic areas. We deliver this education through many channels, including conferences and our digital e-learning environment, the Dechra Academy.

Dechra Academy

Dechra’s dedication and commitment to enhancing the health of animals goes beyond the supply of high quality pharmaceuticals and includes vital education for animal health professionals. The Dechra Academy provides information that will help them better diagnose, monitor and treat conditions, aiding the appropriate use of Dechra products.

The Dechra Academy offer is internationally oriented and provides Continuous Professional Development (CPD) recognition by individual countries’ authorities.

There are 189 courses available in our Dechra Academy, offering 168 hours of accredited content across 11 markets in 13 languages. 40 new courses have also been created this year in the strategic therapy areas of Endocrinology and Dermatology.

13,140 courses have been completed by veterinarians during the year, a 63% increase over last year.

As Dechra grows globally, more CPD content is becoming available to more countries all the time, with recognition approval obtained during the year for Canada, and plans are in progress to launch in Mexico, Australia and New Zealand during the forthcoming year.



Case Study

Webinar: Comfortan

Analgesia for ovariohysterectomy in dogs and cats and the role of Comfortan was presented by Dr Jo Murrell BVSc. (Hons), PhD, Dipl ECVAA, MRCVS and had the highest registration rate in Dechra history.

There was a staggering 3,122 registrations from across the EU and even further afield, including Saudi Arabia and Peru. The success of the webinar is a result of everyone pulling together to engage with their customers and promote the event. As a follow up to the webinar we invited everyone who registered to “watch again” on the Academy. Within the first week we had 88 new enrolments and 29 completions of the recording.

Seminar: Specific

27 delegates from Turkey, Estonia, Lithuania, Greece, Hungary, Czech Republic, Serbia, Slovakia, Switzerland, Romania, Russia and Ukraine as well as most of the International sales team took the chance to participate in the training programme.

The seminar started with lectures on recent developments in diabetes mellitus by Dr. Eric Zini (PD, PhD, Dipl. ECVIM-CA, Internal Medicine) on the first day to set the scene for the new diabetic cat diet, followed by presentations on the second day from Philip Wells, Dominic Ebery, Francis Pastoor and David Southey that focused more on the technical and marketing aspects of our Specific cat range.

The seminar provided an ideal opportunity to learn all about the Specific brand, the formulation improvements to the cat range, benchmarking against competition and to be informed about the support material available for the whole Specific range. It was also an excellent opportunity for all participants to exchange experiences as well as for Dechra to demonstrate our expertise in nutrition and to connect with our customers.

To Act with Honesty and Integrity

We are committed to acting responsibly and with integrity, respecting the laws, regulations, traditions and cultures of the countries within which we operate. This is reflected through our Values. We expect our third parties to trade with honesty and integrity. Therefore we have introduced a Third Party Code of Conduct, which communicates what we expect from our trading partners in relation to health, safety and environmental standards, internationally accepted standards of workers’ rights, use of child and forced labour, ethical standards, anti-bribery and anti-corruption, and compliance with relevant laws and regulations. Our Modern Slavery Statement can be found at www.dechra.com.

Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption

It is our policy to conduct all business in an honest and ethical manner. We take a zero tolerance approach to bribery and corruption and are committed to acting professionally, fairly and with integrity in all our business dealings and relationships wherever we operate, and to implement and enforce effective systems to counter bribery and corruption.

During the year, we have successfully rolled out an ABC training course for Dechra’s third party network, updated and published internal ABC policies and procedure, and have developed a new internal ABC training programme which will be rolled out during the forthcoming year across the business as compulsory training.

Human Rights

Dechra is committed to upholding and respecting human rights both within our business and from our suppliers. However, Dechra does not currently have a separate human rights policy.

Animal Welfare

It is our mission to develop products to improve animal welfare. We are committed to the responsible use and humane treatment of animals. We carefully consider the use of animals in research. However, occasionally it is necessary to conduct toxicology testing to achieve product registrations. The majority of the toxicology information can be derived from existing bibliographic data. When additional data is required by the regulators a third party Contract Research Organisation (CRO) will undertake the study on a minimum number of animals.

The following principles are applied in any trials which involve animals:

  • animals should be treated humanely with greatest consideration given to their health and welfare and consistent with meeting the necessary scientific objectives; and
  • all animal studies should only be performed after considering whether the numbers of animals can be reduced, replaced or the procedures refined to minimise distress.

All employees, except manufacturing shop floor workers, receive pharmacovigilance training within one month of joining Dechra. This is then verified by the pharmacovigilance e-learning module on Delta. These employees undertake an annual pharmacovigilance refresher training. The pharmacovigilance training outlines the procedure that should be followed by all Dechra personnel if they are informed of a product complaint.

Any time that Dechra receives a report of an adverse event occurring after the administration of one of its products, the Company treats the report seriously and believes that it is Dechra’s obligation to review the case to determine whether its product may have caused or contributed to the adverse event. All suspect adverse reactions are reported to the appropriate regional regulatory authority.

Case Study

Collaboration with Industry


The combination of the skills and expertise of academic organisations and industry can lead to positive and practical outcomes. We work with academia to support the development of new drugs and techniques as well as educational programmes. An example of this type of collaboration was when PhD student Alice Denyer from the Royal Veterinary College recently spent three months at Sansaw. After initial familiarisation with the existing Dechra Academy modules and understanding the history of development of the Specific Endocrine Support Diets, she carried out small-scale research into what veterinarians find most challenging about dealing with diabetes mellitus (DM) in practice. Alice subsequently developed the content for the canine and feline DM Academy modules, as well as additional downloadable resources for owners and veterinarians. The modules were completed on-time and both went live in the UK in June.

The placement formed an important part of Alice’s career development, offering insight into the veterinary pharmaceutical industry and providing an opportunity to learn about marketing, project management and cross-functional teamwork. The EU team were welcoming, ensuring Alice was fully involved and providing a highly enjoyable three months. Not to be underestimated was the positive impact Alice had on the wider team during her time at Sansaw due to her personality, professionalism and dedication to animal welfare. To date, Alice has won the 2018 Postgraduate Student Inspiration Award, an International Canine Health Award and was recently awarded first place at the RVC Postgraduate day for her impact statement.

Alice is a member of the Canine Diabetes Genetics Partnership (CDGP), a multi-disciplinary group of expert clinicians and scientists from a range of UK institutions, sharing a special interest in the genetics of diabetes mellitus in dogs. The Partnership was formed in 2017 with the aim of using Whole Genome Sequencing to explore the genetic risk of canine diabetes in breeds considered to be at low risk (e.g. Boxer) and high risk (e.g. Samoyed) of developing the disease. Alice’s placement at Dechra has provided an excellent opportunity to understand the potential impact of this research, as an ideal complement to the PhD training she has received in laboratory techniques and bioinformatics. The CDGP is supported by the PetPlan Charitable Trust and sponsored by Dechra Veterinary Products.