Annual Report and Accounts for the year ended 30 June 2019

Dechra is a global specialist veterinary pharmaceuticals and related products business.

Our expertise is in the development, manufacture, and sales and marketing of high quality products exclusively for veterinarians worldwide.

It is our mission to develop products sustainably to improve the welfare of animals globally.

Growing Our
Geographical Footprint


Countries in which our products are sold via a distributor


Countries in which our sales and marketing teams are based


Manufacturing sites


Photo of Tony Rice, Non-Executive Chairman

Chairman's View

We continued to execute our strategy in relation to our pipeline delivery, portfolio focus, geographic expansion and acquisition.

Tony Rice

Non-Executive Chairman

with Ian Page

Photo of Tony Rice, Non-Executive Chairman

Financial Review

Our existing business performed strongly this year and was further enhanced by the realisation of significant revenue synergies. The Group’s balance sheet is strong and we continue to invest both organically and through acquisitions to deliver shareholder value.

Financial Performance

Recent acquisitions performing ahead of expectations.

CAP outperformance in all key markets.

FAP growth continuing.

Numerous product registrations achieved, and new development opportunities secured.

Delivering our Strategy

Since 2013, our priorities for each Strategic Growth Driver and Enabler have been clearly defined and communicated and are outlined on Our Achievements and Progress. In this online Annual Report we describe the progress we have made towards achieving our strategic objectives.

Strategic Enablers


We are implementing a strong technology platform to enable us to operate efficiently. We also offer CPD training via our e-learning system to veterinarians and veterinary nurses.


Our people strategy underpins everything we do in the business. We have a well defined plan to build talent, develop people and strengthen the Dechra culture.

Manufacturing and Supply chain

Manufacturing is a key competency of the Group; the prime objective is to deliver safe, efficacious, costeffective, quality products. Our products are distributed to wholesalers and distributors through two major logistics sites.

Strategic Growth Drivers

Pipeline Delivery

Deliver our pipeline on time, at the right costs and with the expected returns. Refill the pipeline so that we get a constant flow of new products in future years.

Portfolio Focus

Maximise our revenue by increasing market penetration, focusing on targeted therapeutic sectors within CAP, Equine, FAP and Nutrition.

Geographical Expansion

Leverage our product portfolio into new geographic regions through distribution partners, in-country presence and new country product registrations.


Expand our geographical footprint and/or enhance our product portfolio through acquisition.

Our strategic progress since 2013

Our Product Pipeline

A key strategic priority for the Group is the delivery and strength of the pipeline. We currently have 56 projects in the product development process.